KISS Panoramic System

KISS bracket

KISS - keep it stiff and simple

  • Zero set-up nodal point adapter
  • hardware pre-set entrance-pupil
  • light-weight at only 100...175 grams
  • valuable and robust
  • 44mm base footprint
  • available for most DSLR's, mirrorless system cameras and selected compact cameras
  • perfect for full-spheric panoramas with fisheye lens


... is a really unique tool - specific for every camera.
... differenciates from all other VR-tools on the market.
... does without setup.

... makes your shoots perfectly stitch - without setup or calibration.
... does not allow to make the wrong settings.

KISS is just "stiff and simple". 

KISS with Rotator and X-Pro camera
4-point mount on our panoramic heads; spirit level keeps visible
setup for full spheric panorama 180°x360° with 4 shots

The concept of KISS is the coherent implication of our own experiences with flexible VR-systems:

Once you have a great panorama subject in front of your camera, you are missing your VR system.

After some trial and error, you are using your flexible VR system only with one or two lenses.

„Multi-Row“ is a quite elaborate and costly alternative approach for a perfect pano with fisheye. It makes only sense for "giga-pixel" panos and static subjects. For full-spheric panos you better use an ultra-wide-angle or fisheye lens in one plane - maybe with an additional shot for nadir and zenith.

Only boring subjects do allow the use of complex and heavy equipment.

The flexibility and manifold adjustments of VR systems prove themselves in practice as the main source of error.

Due to the high cost of a VR system, panoramic photography is mainly the reserved field for the discerning photographers with SLR equipment.


The consequent concept for the ideal VR system is called KISS.

KISS is the VR system you will not leave at home.
No matter whether you shoot a cylindrical panorama with wide-angle lens or a full-spherical with your fisheye: each one will yield with perfect stitching accuracy.

We configure the KISS bracket in combination with our Rotator exactly ready-to-shoot for almost every camera and up to 4 different lenses. For the photographer, this is a zero-setup system.
We have the data for over 300 cameras and 280 lenses in our database - and are prepared to configure the panoramic set exactly for almost every camera.

In combination with a portrait-fisheye lens (e.g. any full format DSLR with a 8...10mm fisheye lens) you shoot a 180°x360° panorama with 4 shots only. Such setup ist most efficient for full spheric panoramas.

Key features are

  • preconfigured (customized) hardware-settings
  • stiff: vibration-free camera-mount
  • lightweight and compact
  • very small nadir footprint (44mm diameter)

The KISS is a solid piece of metal - but extremely lightweight and compact.
It comes with a chemo-mechanical processed stainless surface and rubber coated camera plate.

129,-- € (incl. VAT)